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A Home for the Day

Adult Daycare Program

Age 55+ Adult Daycare

Designed for Seniors or Disabled Adults.

A Home For The Day is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00AM to 3:00 PM. Participants may attend one to five days a week.

A Home for the Day

A Home For The Day is an Adult Daycare designed by an Aging Well RN and can be a wonderful supportive care option. Seniors or Disabled Adults that are in need of memory care or physical assistance will be cared for by our licensed professional staff in a safe and friendly environment.

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Who Should Attend A Home for the Day

Adults Who:

  • Have physical impairments that require assistance or supervision
  • Have memory loss or cognitive impairments that interfere with daily functioning
  • Have caregivers in need of respite
  • Are in need of socialization
Adult Caring


  • Assistance with eating, taking medicines, toileting and/or walking
  • Counseling, educational programs
  • Exercise programs
  • Health monitoring, blood pressures, blood sugars, diets
  • Social Activities
  • Wound care
  • Immunizations
  • Personal care
  • Therapeutic activities
  • Advocacy and support for families
Age 55+

Competitive Rates

We offer a competitive Private Pay rate and also except EOHH’S Cost Share Program, Neighborhood Health Plan and Medicaid. For questions or to apply for our program, fill out the form on this page or call A Home For The Day at 401-766-0516 or email Dana Chamberlin, RN at dchamberlin@agingwellinc.org.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Adult Daycare

Basically any senior or disabled adult that has medical or social issues MAY qualify for our program. Every applicant is assessed by our director to make sure they are appropriate for our program. The applicant's doctor will also need to complete forms that justify enrollment into daycare.

Some Neighborhood and Medicaid insurances cover daycare with prior authorization. Medicare does NOT cover adult daycare. We do NOT have a Veterans contract at this time. Our daily rate is currently $75 per day with a sliding scale depending on income. Our rate is competitive with other daycare programs and is significantly less expensive than hiring home services or nursing home placement. There is a government subsidized copay program for applicants that have both low income and issues caring for themselves. Eligibility for this program is determined following an application process by DHS.

It is a closed unit so drop in visits are discouraged. Appointments can be made by calling 401-766-0516. The best time to call is between 10-2pm so we can be available to answer your questions.

You can request an application be sent to you by email, fax or standard mail and may be returned by the same.

Once a completed application is received and reviewed by the director or nurse one of two directions can be taken: You will be contacted to make an appointment to come in for a nursing assessment, or if daycare qualifications are clearly met from the application, we will send a request to your primary doctor to complete the required paperwork. Attendance cannot begin until the doctor completes and returns the required forms.
*The application process timeframe is around 3 weeks*

No, however we submit requests to MTM which currently has the government contract to provide transportation for seniors and disabled adults, which may be free of charge or at a reduced cost depending on income. MTM contracts with local transportation companies. The start date will be a minimum of 48 hours following the receipt of the required forms.

We are open Monday thru Friday 8AM - 3 PM. Activities are from approximately 8:30-2:30. Afternoon transportation begins at 2 PM. Some applicants require attendance to be gradually introduced; this will be discussed during the assessment. Minimum of 2 days per week is recommended.